We up and moved house a couple of weeks ago.  The opportunities that this event triggered for inner adventure have been piling up, abundant even.  I often caution others when they are about to open the door to inner adventure that they may want to be careful what they ask for. We – we being my little family collective – found ourselves noodling that thought a bit over the course of this move.



For me the selling of our home was hugely sentimental.  I had raised two beautiful children there. It was the only home Madeleine had known for her full 14 years. She’d had her first words there, first steps, sat at the kitchen island, fork in hand at the age of 3 and in all of her independent glory avowed that she was never going to eat meat again…and stayed true..…  And though Matthew wasn’t born there he had his share of memories too.  The worn patch of grass on the front lawn – the pseudo pitching mound that had seen him winding up and aiming for the back catcher, crouching tentatively on the edge of my garden just below the living room window.  I’m certain that you could still find chards of glass in the mulch below the window ledge, a sure sign that Matthew had long outgrown his spotlight in the Hammond Rd. grass.

I will forever hear the sounds of Sweet Caroline being sung from the outside patio. The smell of burning embers passing easily through the open windows on cooler fall evenings, replacing the sounds of cannonball sized splashes from the warmer previous months. Little roasted marshmallow induced music notes riding the plumes of smoke to the second level where I lay in bed listening and thinking Neil Diamond would be proud. 

Besides the memories which will thankfully live on at least as long as I do, there was the physical surrendering of ‘stuff’ related to the move which commanded it’s own need for ‘inner adventure’.  This was a process of ‘lightening the load’ which transformed itself – metaphorically speaking – into a feeling of lightness within. My hips and lower back will forever be grateful.  I’ve taken the same fork in hand at the kitchen counter vow to not fill this inner and outer new found space with yet more ‘stuff’ and the plan is, well the plan is to stay true to that in the same fashion with which Madeleine has stayed true to not consuming meat.  Her gifts to me are never-ending..…

For the most part I feel like we’ve worked through the triggers that have come with this move. We’ve really brought a deep sense of compassion and understanding to each others inner adventure. I know for me so much dissipated when we crossed the threshold that day, removing our shoes at the front door like good Canadians do.  Madeleine excitedly racing through the house in her stocking feet, across the yard and out the back gate to the bordering park playground. I knew I was home when the sound of laughter jumped from snowflake to snowflake and landed softly on the top of my head just outside the back door where I announced to the neighbours we had arrived.….“MADELEINE, SHOES please….…!”

Good times truly never seemed so good….

With love (and memories),


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