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Intuitively Yours Medical intuition tagline. BE Healthy. BE Inspired. BE Free.

Working with Intuitively Yours is complimentary to working with your family doctor and other health-care practitioners and provides a solid foundation for healing. Medical Intuition can be valuable to clients dealing with chronic pain, emotional distress, unconfirmed medical diagnosis. It can also be valuable to those individuals who are wanting to be proactive in understanding their mind/body relationship and strive to improve their overall health in advance of any physical symptoms being present.
Discover how working with a Medical Intuitive can help you be Healthy, Inspired & Free!

About Me

Tammy Price is a Certified Medical Intuitive (CMI), Inner Adventure Facilitator, Author and Co-Creator of the soon to be released all women intensive From Heels to Healer; Rediscovering Your Inner Goddess. A CMI is the only government regulated certification in the field of Medical Intuition. As well as a graduate and former Instructor of Medical Intuition, Tammy herself is a one time cancer survivor, testament and advocate to the benefit of a deeper Inner Adventure practice.


Medical Intuition is a form of Integrative Medicine. Integrative Medicine is an approach to healthcare that puts the client at the centre and addresses the full range of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual influences that affect an individuals overall health.

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A Little Thing Called ‘Lurking’

A Little Thing Called ‘Lurking’

I remember sitting front row at an event a couple of years back. A beautiful woman sitting beside me. She appeared shy and timid - arms crossed over the chest as if to say 'I'm not here to make new friends'. At that point I had graduated school and begun practising...

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Part 4 of My 6 Piece Body Part Series – The Eyes

Part 4 of My 6 Piece Body Part Series – The Eyes

I've been out of integrity and I feel it deep in my solar plexus (mid region). Every time I've sat down to the write about the eyes, it's tended to come off a bit clinical. I haven't wanted for it to feel that way for you - especially when the eyes are what are...

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