I googled the term ‘bonus footage’ recently looking to shakedown a definition. ‘Shakedown’ being what appears an entirely appropriate word considering there was nothing concrete to be found. Nothing I could grab ahold of and use say, for one of my blogs. Seems ‘bonus footage’ might just be a pint sized taboo. Or is it meant to be that way?

I was looking for a clear definition to be able to share with my readers, one that was easy relatable to the topic at hand. As I researched and came up with nothing the topic was undeniably becoming more defined.

Bonus footage is deserving of more attention. Bonus footage stands separate and alone from the ‘Hollywood’ allowing it to shine through without all of the glitz and glamour. Bonus footage is really just TOO good to mix in with all of that other stuff that often creates a bit of smoke and mirrors if you will, taking us further and further from the truth.

It IS the part of the story that matters because it carries the message of conclusion, the answers to what now? Will there be more? Is it truly the end and if it is truly the end what really happened?

And then there’s bonus footage on top of bonus footage and with each portion you are imparted with even more valuable information. But that might be a bit too much for this narrative.

In terms of health, the story, the ‘Hollywood’ is often the 8 or 10 traditional steps you took in support of yourself, the pain you were in and what it did to you, the Doctors and Specialists you saw, the waiting you did or did not experience and the mindset you adopted to get through it all.

The bonus footage in health comes down to what is going on behind the scenes (not to be confused with bloopers, bonus footage carries a tone of seriousness). What was the reason for the story in the first place and how will the story conclude? Is this the end or will there be a sequel?

Only we get to decide how much bonus footage is produced based on how deep we are willing to explore the answer to those questions.

I leave you with this link to some of the best bonus footage I have ever seen;


If you commit to watching (it is 17 minutes in length), commit to watching to the very end.  It is to the very end where you will gain a greater understanding of why I am passionate about the inner adventure. How exploring can bring healing that on the surface appears to be physical and yet carries a much greater legacy on the emotional body and the energetic congestion that resides there within all of us.

With love (and service),

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