It’s been a ‘painful’ year for a good many. I’m watching the shifting happening all around, your sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, friends, icons, challenge in health… government. I feel all of you deeply and share in this shifting – that feeling of loss that at times can be so overwhelming it may even bring us to our knees. This shifting and feelings surrounding that often leaves us feeling dim, sluggish, shadows of our former selves. Prolonged periods of loss can leave us struggling, searching for that guiding light that will bring us home to ourselves again.  Some might even say a return to vibrancy vs a coming home to it.  I’m sensitive to the wording on that. I feel that once we have experienced deep loss and grieving there is no returning to vibrancy in the same manner to which we left it.

We come home to vibrancy as slightly more sophisticated souls,  with our little backpacks full of learnings that only seek to make us stronger, more connected to our feelings. We come home to an open space that beckons us, invites us in to lead even with all that we have learned. 

And when we hug,  we hug earnestly bringing other souls in a little closer than previously, revealing without words the path on which we have travelled. I sense this white light that gets passed from heart to heart as we connect in this way. Sometimes it’s the resting of a head on another’s chest, the touching of a shoulder as we pass, a holding of a friends hand…a passing glance as if to say we are all one.

I’m here – and ‘hear’ for you.  

Coming home to vibrancy really and truly means you are beginning to step out from behind the shame, guilt, grieving, feelings of low self worth that may have kept you masking the truth of yourself, that may have kept you from shining your brightest self and sharing that part of you with the universe.

I’ve been deeply feeling my own ‘coming home’. It’s been a process that has been unfolding.  I had forgotten what being home felt like and the safety that comes with that.  I’d been considerably stuck – at a place somewhere on the path to home for sometime – probably sitting on a swing in someones back yard enjoying that childlike feeling.  The swing representing itself as a means to avoid having to address  my own relationship with shame and grief and also address those in my life who sought to keep me feeling shameful and small. Those that do that are themselves often afraid of coming home and may seek to sabotage their own lives and the lives as others as a way of keeping themselves from surrendering. Regrettably I have been on both the giving and receiving end of this action in the past.

Vibrancy is the universe’s way of supporting us, rewarding us even for having the courage to come home.  It the courage to finish writing that book that you started many moons ago and have never gotten around to completing, perhaps it’s the courage to start fresh in a new home, leave a relationship, make some new friends, try something new. Vibrancy is about creating a life flow that has been slowed by those old feelings of shame, guilt and low self worth. The old story you told yourself was true and stayed with it for whatever period of time.

Vibrancy has you tapping into the gifts of yourself that are there to be shared with anyone and everyone. The door is unlocked, ajar even. What shame, guilt, grieving, self worth issues will it take for you to step out in front of to enter into that space of coming home?

With love (and light),

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