I had saved a People Magazine article from sometime ago that was written about Elizabeth Gilbert, Author of Eat, Pray, Love and her story surrounding some chronic knee pain she had experienced (link to article here). On some level I knew the article would be relevant to what I was teaching but didn’t know when.

More and more the work I do is being weighted towards those with chronic pain. It’s the people who have done everything they can to ease the pain. They’ve been through the major medical model with visit after visit to their Primary Care Physician (sometimes hundreds of visits), they’ve done physiotherapy, acupuncture, had surgery and/or used narcotics to treat their pain. Through all of this process they came to understand that the relief was temporary and often the question I am asked is why is that?

Why is the relief temporary?

In my experience the relief is temporary because people are not getting to the root cause (the origin) of their pain in the first place. People are getting treatment to ease the physical pain and simply skipping over understanding why it exists. The body creates these physical symptoms as a way of getting your attention.

In order to heal – I mean fully heal – not temporary relief – we need to understand why the symptom exists. The answer can be that it was hurt in an accident or you twisted it the wrong way. I feel the answer comes from a deeper place, somewhere in the emotional body where you have created energetic congestion through life’s happenings.

Uncover what that is, understand it, take action in support of it and watch how the healing unfolds.

Elizabeth Gilbert did it.  She changed her story and got herself out of the chronic pain and back into living life. You can as well. Please feel free to reach out to me for a deeper understanding of your chronic pain.

With love,

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