Late last week I had surgery and it was amazing.  The experience from start to finish and in the days following have left me with a feeling of energetic resurgence, lightness, fullness and all the delicious things in between.

What was it that has me feeling this way after being placed ‘under the knife’? Was it that a dear mentor of mine suggested asking for a mild sedative before having the IV placed into my arm because of my fear of needles and the anxiety associated with having one inserted?  Was it the distance healing that my dear friend and fellow Medical Intuitive Nikki Hopewell extended while the skilled Dr. completed her handiwork?  Was it that I came home to the care of a loving partner and messages of support from family and friends or perhaps even the new mattress that was delivered the day after surgery replacing the 20 year old version of itself that had long since fulfilled it’s purpose? I’ve had surgery before and never have come close to feeling this good (and no it was not the painkillers as I avoided them).

I do know that the physical part of me that was removed was no longer serving me and that awareness and understanding provides a certain level of comfort and yet for me – a person committed to her inner adventure – nothing can be purely tied to the physical.

This feeling, the lightness and freedom, required deeper inquiry and through that deeper inquiry came the answers that I had been seeking.  

My physical surgery was merely a metaphor for the way I have chosen to live my life.  When we are leaning into the idea that shedding, putting out at the curb, getting rid of even that which no longer serves us, we can experience a sense of weightlessness.  A sure physical sign that we are being ‘weighed down’ often comes with shoulder pain for those deeply connected to their masculine energy and in the hips for those deeply connected with their feminine energy.  Often this physical pain can be remedied by bringing understanding and action to that which keeps us heavy and weighted down.  My surgery had nothing to do with either the hips or the shoulders and yet I had been experiencing some shoulder pain for a number of weeks prior to the surgery that has since dissipated. Some might say a result of the new mattress………….I might agree to disagree.

On my curb this week for the taking, a couple of chairs, a sofa and a beat up mattress and headboard.  My house too feeling the extent of my lightness.

I’m really learning to embrace and enjoy this feeling of weightlessness and learning to rather than fear the loss of something I once deemed significant,  really bring in close the suggestion or idea that once I do put whatever it is out at the curb that is no longer serving me I will be set free.

With love (and lightness),


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