Does the title of this blog post have you feeling excited?  I’m guessing it does and that’s why you may be here.

I’ll be honest, getting the conversation started about our reproductive organs and the health of them has me excited as well.  Perhaps however not in the way tp-339that our left brains may have us ‘thinking’. Time to get our minds ‘out of the gutter’ as they say and acquainted with our reproductive organs on an entirely different level – a level that brings a deeper understanding and awareness to how the health of these organs may be directly linked to our own actions or lack there of. Time to get acquainted with our reproductive organs from a place of feeling.

It is from this place, our reproductive organs, where life’s most precious creations come from. The reproductive organs are responsible for creation of life, birth of life.  Our reproductive organs give us our beloved children – and for those who don’t have children – it is the reproductive organs that give us each and every person that we interact with each and every day!   Every. single. living. breathing. human. being. was physically birthed through the reproductive organs that reside in our physical bodies.  Wow, just saying that gives me the feeling of immense gratitude. So so powerful.

Let’s contemplate the symbolic meaning of our reproductive organs for a moment with an open mind and heart if you will and let’s begin by reflecting on where in your own life creation plays a role?

I feel as though our reflection commands us to work backward….for me I can remember being a child and wanting to be a novelist. I resonated with energy that was both spirited and rousing for me in creating stories and I was educated as a journalist only to come to understand that I wasn’t going to be able to support my family in that way…………..

I often share with others in a sort of ‘tongue in cheek way’ that I sold my soul….came over to the other side (the part of the world that operates predominantly from a left brain functioning).  I say that without regret as each and every experience is cause for us to grow from and sometimes we have to venture to the other side to know what we are missing.

I am regressing.

Present day and I am writing ‘stories’ again.

I am not a novelist. My clients invite me into their energy field and I uncover these magical, heartfelt, sometimes painful stories that we get to share in together. And my reproductive organs…..they are loving it – are healing from it right down to a cellular level and why?

Because I am creating again and connecting symbolically to their purpose. 

For me it was writing, for you perhaps there is an old guitar in the corner of the room that could use some dusting off or paint brushes and an easel in the back of the closet that would love nothing more than to see the light of day. Not sure exactly where to start? I suggest finger painting…it takes on a whole new meaning to engage in this activity as an adult, especially for those yearning to feel again.  Whatever it is I encourage you to go there. The world will thank you for the unveiling of your gifts and your reproductive organs will surely thank you too.

With Love (and creativity),


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion, position or view of The International College of Medical Intuition