It is Labour Day weekend here in North America.  Labour Day weekend for us signals the end of the summer season. It usually consists of a long weekend at the beach, pool and deck parties, bbq’s, festivals and fireworks!  It’s really about soaking in those last few warm rays from the sun before fall sets in bringing about cooler weather for some and back to school for all school age children.

This Labour Day weekend I’m avoiding all of that because quite vulnerably I am in the process of reconnecting. By reconnecting I mean connecting to the universe, source or God – whatever you lovingly choose to call it.

And when I say reconnecting that is not to say the connection was lost or broken.  It wasn’t. The connection was working juImage 2016-09-05 at 12.45 AMst fine as it was and yet, working just
fine as it was isn’t where I am choosing to live my life from.  I was feeling an urge/a calling to go even deeper and once this connection or reconnection is made and I have the opportunity to integrate there will come a time when I will need ‘reconnecting’ again because there will be another trigger, another life situation that causes me to want to step outside myself and observe my reaction to it and then start working to bring understanding to the origin of that reaction and action to heal it.  Our soul being demands these human like triggers. To avoid them would be to miss opportunities.

I plan to ‘reconnect’ as often as the universe will allow before I am called home.

When I am in the process of ‘reconnecting’ I am feeling like my best self, the most authentic version of myself and I am about as fearless as I imagine I can be.  When I am in the process of ‘reconnecting’ I want to extend love to everything and everyone I see and touch and even to those who I cannot see and touch.  Love emanates/flows through me naturally and I am able to touch the soul of others using sheer energy. I feel as though I am at service.

It is a beautiful place to be and experience life from.

With all that said, the periods of time between ‘reconnecting’ I feel are entirely necessary. These times bring us our greatest gifts in life. These times present us with the opportunity to ‘reconnect’ and go deeper than our previous experiences. It is a cycle and in most cases my experience has been that a new opportunity is introduced each and every time. These periods of time in between are something to be grateful for.

Perhaps you have experienced these periods of connection and reconnection? Perhaps much like me they’ve asked you to go inward to explore? Perhaps they’ve even invited you to seek guidance from another soulful being (who will lovingly put a hand out in support of you because they too have been there at some point in their life and someone put their hand out for them……)?

With all that said, I am honouring my process. Feeling my body and listening to my soul. I am acknowledging my mind with it’s hand up saying ‘over here, I have something to add to this process’ and yet not allowing it dominate like it has a tendency to do at times.

And while I am doing this, I can hear the neighbours, feel their music, their laughter, smell their bbq and envision their splashes and I can smile. I am not missing out on anything this Labour Day weekend. Quite the contrary. I am achieving, capturing, exploring, healing, loving and reconnecting and it feels truly magnificent.



Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion, position or view of The International College of Medical Intuition