There’s a little known children’s phrase that can have serious implications on one’s health. Want to know what it is?

It goes something like this:


Perhaps back in the day while growing up you may have had something like this hung up in your family home, perhaps you may have even been sternly reminded of this at one time or another? I myself can remember hearing it  a time or two at Church and at School. Certainly those who were using it did not mean to bestow any long term damage, right?

They were simply attempting to have us to be still and peaceful in the moment, to maintain some semblance of crowd control.

And for some of us hearing it didn’t phase us.  For some of us coming from a little larger families where there may have been some greater freedoms to express, hearing something like this would go in one ear and out the other often earning us the label of ‘the problem child’ and causing a whole host of other issues, phone calls home and possibly detention.

But for some kids hearing something like this even just once, whether at home or at School or Church even it can have lasting effects.

Here’s what I mean.

Our voice is the area of the physical body where expression comes from. When we communicate from this area of the body there is a flow of energy that is created that is entirely healthy and when we don’t, much like a traffic jam during rush hour the energy bottlenecks and energetic congestion may become present. Over time as we continue along the path of believing that our voice isn’t worthy of being expressed – that we should only be seen and not heard – that congestion builds into something much greater and eventually there is the possibility of our bodies sending us a message via a physical symptom. In the worst case scenario, a life threatening disease (possibly even cancer).

Sounds horrible right?

And it can be.  The major medical model – even with all of it’s amazing benefits –  can be difficult to navigate through when a life threatening illness knocks on your door. I have first hand experience of this. The waiting can be so so stressful for those already dealing with a serious diagnosis.

What does someone’s life look like when they feel their voice is not worthy of being heard?  They are afraid to express themselves, their true desires in life. Relationships can be strained because of difficulties communicating. Often they enter relationships with an overbearing partner because it is comfortable to watch someone else express themselves without having to participate. All of these things only seek to feed the story that they were not worthy of being heard in the first place.

There are wonderful, meaningful ways in which one may learn to reengage that part of themselves, set the flow to a more balanced state and clear up the energetic congestion that can lead to illness. Ways that only seek to compliment the major medical model and to engage the innate power that is within all of us ~ that healing power!

Your voice, that beautiful, magical, soulful, expressive voice is a gift from the universe that the world is waiting to experience and that your long term health is relying on to be shared.

Stay tuned to part 2 of my 6 piece series ~ The Heart….you won’t want to miss this one!

With love (and song),


Tammy Price is a Certified Medical Intuitive, Inner Adventure Facilitator, Author and Co-Creator of the soon to be released all women’s intensive: From Heels to Healer; Reclaiming Your Divine Feminine.  Please connect with her here

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