Confucius once said ‘wherever you go, go with all your heart’.  And yet, if it were only that simple.  The heart is so so fragile and once it has been exposed to some degree of trauma – specifically the emotional type of trauma – taking all of your heart with you everywhere you go can prove to be difficult.

Part 2 of my 6 piece body part series begins at roughly 35,000 feet in the air.

Magical things tend to happen at 35,000 feet in the air. Nikki Hopewell, the co-author of my soon to be released book entitled, Shifting Into High Gear, A Guide to Listening to Your Body tells me that it’s because I’m closer and in deeper connection to a higher power at those heights.  I believe that may be a contributing factor and also feel that the energy within – the energy I bring is an equally important contributor ~ if not more important.

It was at 35,000 feet  in the air where I met Rachel and Arthur (not their real names), a lovely soft spoken couple in their early 70’s traveling to Vancouver for a family wedding.  I was travelling alone and sitting in the aisle seat of the plane – a rare occasion for me. Rachel was in the middle seat and Arthur – the big burly, silver haired gentle soul sat by the window clasping the hand of his beautiful bride for most of the 5 hour journey.  My heart was warmed by them. Immediately I had visions of a high school romance turned to marriage, turned to children, turned to retirement and those ever important golden years spent travelling and enjoying their grandchildren. Both Rachel and Arthur appeared to be both fit and healthy and as part of my practice I do not enter into one’s energy field without their permission as it is truly a sacred space.

So here I was sitting beside this beautiful couple with the quote  ‘wherever you go, go with all your heart’ coming to my mind,  bringing a smile to my face and thinking this must be what Confucius,  the wise Chinese Philosopher,  was eluding to when he first shared that.

And yet as we know often things are not what they appear to be.

Rachel and I begin to share small talk.  I share that I am a Medical Intuitive and what that means (because it is still a relatively rare profession).  She is intrigued.  Can I ask you something she says? This is something I’ve gotten used to (and enjoy). From friends and loved ones right down to the salesman at the car dealership where I’m buying a car  – everyone wants answers to what ails them and understandably so.

So Rachel explains that she’d experienced a heart attack in recent months and that her Primary Care Physicians and the specialists who treated her through the episode had no medical reason to explain why.  Rachel was a healthy eater, exercised regularly, by all accounts in great physical shape. They wondered if it was purely genetics.  I’m restless in my seat.  My experience with those who have experienced heart attacks – as cliched as this may sound – comes from those who have suffered a ‘broken heart’.  My logic began to creep in. Logically it just didn’t seem to fit in this case? I explain that to Rachel. Here is what my experience has been……..

She stops me.  Turns out she and Arthur were high school sweethearts but went their separate ways and lost contact over the years. Rachel married, had children and divorced, married again and was widowed and then reconnected with Arthur only in recent years.  They were technically on their ‘honeymoon’. See how logic just doesn’t work!

So why a heart attack – even after finding new love?  These things that happen, these traumas that we experience find a way to bury themselves deep in the physical body awaiting an opportunity to be seen. We can address with them before that happens – by doing the inner work (adventure) of uncovering and bringing action and support  – or we can wait until they do show themselves and hopefully in a way that can be healed.

Does a broken heart always mean heart attack? No ~ the vast majority in society has suffered a broken heart at some point in their lives. It’s how we process that experience, that trauma – it’s that piece that is unique to everyone.

Rachel was lucky enough to survive her heart attack and I’d like to believe that I was able to shed some light on that experience for her and perhaps even assist her in being able to bring her whole heart into the everywhere going forward.

Stay tuned to part 3 of my 6 piece body part series ~ The Knees…..we’re going to explore flexibility!

With love (and a full heart),


Tammy Price is a Certified Medical Intuitive, Inner Adventure Facilitator, Author and Co-Creator of the soon to be released all women’s intensive: From Heels to Healer; Reclaiming Your Divine Feminine.  Please connect with her here

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