There was this little children’s song with a great tune meant to, I believe, teach younger children about their varying body parts.  It’s exciting to me that many of these childhood experiences can be used to assist in bringing a spotlight to how we function as adults.  ***Disclaimer**** if you are anything like me you might find this song playing over and over for the balance of the day in your head.  It’s been playing in mine ever since I decided to write about the knees. In fact so much so that I took a moment to run through the actions of the song in an attempt to gauge my own ‘flexibility’.

‘Head and shoulders, knees and toes…’

What was I looking for?

A couple of things actually.

It’s suggested when we pick up heavy items that we don’t just endeavour to bend at the hips.  That we bend our knees so as to protect the lower back from injury.

‘knees and toes, knees and toes…’

This knee bending concept also comes up for me when working out with my trainer Aaron.  He’s repeatedly asking me to ensure that there is a micro bend in the knee for muscle engagement and so that the weight isn’t resting on the joints (these are purely physical reasons for wanting a micro bend in the knee).

I acted out the steps to the children’s song in real life so that I could observe my knees.  Was I bending them when I went down to touch my toes or was I working hard to avoid the bend as I often do when exercising with Aaron?

And why?  Where was this avoidance of flexibility coming from and what other areas of my life was it showing up in?   Is the inflexibly present because of a subconscious fear of losing control?  Does bending my knees trigger an old belief in me that I’ve interpreted to mean that I could possibly be ‘bowing down’ to someone or something? And does bowing down have me giving up the control I hold onto so tightly?

‘head and shoulders, knees and toes’

Thankfully I’ve avoided any distinguishable physical knee symptoms thus far. Please don’t be mistaken, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t the pesky presence of energetic congestion (energetic traffic jam). I sense within me that there has been.  In fact,  if I am standing fully in my truth I have to admit that there has been some difficulty bending at the knees….or being flexible in life.

‘eyes, ears, mouth and nose’

The knees – in general terms – may present physical symptoms such as pain and stiffness or even other more serious physical symptoms when we exert control,  usually over a generalized timeframe (that being your whole life and possible even before and certainly not limited to that as symptoms can come on quickly – and disappear just as quickly if we really get to the root).  Healing comes from bringing understanding to your need to exert control and then actions to heal it.

As difficult as that may sound – it is simply letting someone else take the wheel for once and stepping back and into surrender (trust and faith). Kind of like that game where you fall backwards trusting your friend will be there to catch you?  It works like that.

Next up, part 4 of my 6 piece body part series,  the eyes!  I’m ‘looking’ forward to getting a ‘peak’ into our souls.

With love (and moderate flexibility),


Tammy Price is a Certified Medical Intuitive, Inner Adventure Facilitator, Author and Co-Creator of the soon to be released all women’s intensive: From Heels to Healer; Reclaiming Your Divine Feminine.  Please connect with her here

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