Origin is defined as the point or place where something begins.  The dawning, genesis, emergence even of something new. I find incredible energy in these words. image1 What does it mean to be at the dawning, the genesis or creation of something new?  Generally, the feeling that comes along with something new is stimulation and excitement!  Now let me ask you, what if that place where something began, the origin, was the dawning of some pain for you?  Now how do you feel about this beginning of something? Does it still feel exciting or stimulating to you?

Seems as though the entrance of pain somewhat diminishes the incredible energy found in the words, dawning, genesis, emergence and even creation, doesn’t it?

Or does it? We’ll get to that in a minute.  First, let’s discuss what happens when we are in the pain in the first place.

When we are in emotional pain it hurts. Cuts to the core in fact. I know for me when I have experienced pain that cuts to the core I will do just about anything to get out of it. For many on a spiritual path finding relief from the pain may include yoga, meditation, chanting, retreats, self help books, energy healing, gurus, endless amounts of therapy…..the list goes on.  There becomes a sort of searching that takes place and often what ends up happening is that these modalities offer a relief from the pain (we say they take us to new levels of consciousness) and so we keep on doing them and if we ever do take a break….the pain returns full stop.   These things that we do – the things that come from outside of ourselves often become a crutch – a distraction from us understanding the origin of the pain.  Please understand that I am not knocking any of the activities listed above.  I enjoy many of them and did so at the beginning because I too was attempting to escape some pain.  Now,  the activities I engage in are simply because I enjoy them.  There is a big difference between having to do them vs wanting to do them. Now, let’s get back to the creation of our pain.

What if we were able to trace the origin of our pain back to it’s dawning?  Back to where it all began? Would you not all of a sudden be back to feeling stimulated and excited again?  You see, I feel that the true relief from pain involves us finding the origin of our pain and bringing understanding to it.

I feel that this is the next stage on the path of spirituality beyond the modalities that we search out that we believe make us ’spiritual’ or ‘raise our levels of consciousness’. This I feel is the awakening of spiritual maturity when you move away from the activities that are holding you upright from having to do the real work on yourself. The real work is bringing understanding to our origins, dawning, emergence of our pain.

With love (and a deeper understanding of my own pain),


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion, position or view of The International College of Medical Intuition