As I was researching for this blog post I came across this passage from a book written by John Wallace and Alexander McGratten entitled ‘The Trumpet’. The passage goes like this,  ‘The trumpet is an example of an early man made object that acts universally as a cultural transmitter communicating more than a simple message between living people’.  I love finding nuggets like this that pop up from the page and bring cause to reflect.musician-623362_640

The trumpet is used as a signalling device. It signals a call to action.

Why does this matter and what is the relationship to Medical Intuition and ultimately to our health?

Here is what has surfaced for me.

For the past few months we have bared witness to rumblings of rage, resentment, hostility and bigotry rising up around us that has mostly been inspired by certain events.  These rumblings have appeared as whispers for some time and yet they haven’t had the representation or voice they appear to have now.

The fact that we are hearing and experiencing the ‘boiling over’ of these feelings means that they were buried somewhere waiting for an opportunity to have the determination to be shared. The truth is, the rage, resentment, hostility and bigotry have been present ALL along and the voice of these feelings rising up gives us the opportunity to HEAL them.  Without the determination of the voice to express the feelings, it’s possible the opportunity to heal them could be missed. The trumpet has fulfilled it’s duty of communicating more than a simple message between living people. It has signalled a call to action.  We can make the choice and encourage these feelings to be either pushed back down to where they came from (likely via shaming those who are expressing them by telling them what they are feeling is wrong) or we can bring understanding and ultimately share in the action to bring healing.

I am reminded that just because something is silent does not mean that it is not present.

This brings me to the health of our mind, body and soul and how energetic congestion can lay in wait. Energetic congestion is created within when we are not being who we need to be.  At times the energetic congestion will be silent and yet for many it will present as a physical symptom.  If we don’t listen, if we don’t pay attention, if we don’t bring understanding and action, we too miss the opportunity to heal and our body will signal a message possibly much louder and more severe than the first. Possibly even life threatening. Part of what I do with Medical Intuition is identify those areas in the body where energetic congestion is present and seek out the origin to bring healing.

Can you see the similarities between what is happening in our outside world and our inner world?

I was never really fond of the sound produced by the trumpet and yet today I have a new found respect for it’s occupation.

With love (and resolution),



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