It warms my heart when my children feel the courage to ask for what they desire. Maybe one day soon I will get to the place where I am no longer surprised that they can do that. Maybe one day soon I will have the courage to acknowledge myself for the part of me that contributed to cultivating that within them…….

We celebrated Thanksgiving 2.0 this weekend. A request from my eldest child as he returned home for a ‘whirlwind’ visit from University down in the US.  ‘Mom….I really missed having your pumpkin pie……’

How can a Mom say no to that voice from across the miles when her heart is really connecting to the deeper message that is asking for pumpkin pie? ‘I miss you too son.’

I found myself in the kitchen again, pulling out the rolling pin, baster and roasting pan. I found myself preparing my Dad’s favourite sangria complete with peach schnapps and passion fruit liquor. I recalled the memory of us finding this recipe while sitting on the patio this past summer, really pulling in that inner strength to find the joy in the little things amongst the depth of our grieving.  I found myself sitting again with tp-108the emotions of another family supper that my Mom would have so enjoyed being a part of, if only she were still here.

I’m learning to create in the kitchen without the use of measuring cups.  This is introducing me to a whole new level of trusting my intuition. Continually looking for ways to integrate trust and faith into my life, even if in small and what may be viewed as insignificant ways.

These compact modifications merge to create a salient shift in mindset. I’m really beginning to FEEL the impact. The FEELING has implications far beyond what can be ‘measured’ with the human eye.  The connection to feeling has a cellular influence.

We are 3 parts equals.  Thinking (mind), Feeling (body), Knowing (soul). Three parts equal make for a full measuring cup and I’m back to measuring again. 

I entered into a conversation about that this weekend, on Sunday, when the house returned to quiet, the ‘whirlwind’ safely deposited at terminal one for departure.  Through the conversation I was reminded of how grateful I am for those that are willing to engage and bring themselves fully to a deeper exchange.

It’s more than about being 3 parts equal it seems. It’s about where we lead from. I’m really enjoying this genius that is called curiosity.

Lead from the feeling (body) and the thinking (mind) will follow, I am prompted through conversation.

Never had I contemplated that there might be an engineering component to the 3 parts. Until now.

Compact modifications.

With love (and body),


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